Review : Lost in Translation


There is a feeling that people could never get rid of : solitude. In any time of your life, you would often face this feeling being alone, even though you are with people you really love. Because it’s not a matter of being with people, it’s a matter of finding yourself. And the journey would never end until you kick the bucket.

Bob and Charlotte were in the same moment, the solitude moment. They came across each other in Tokyo, the best place to be isolated from people, their cultures, and everything they are familiar with, being from the United States. Not surprisingly, they soon became close and found the loneliness in them. But that was just an ostensible reason explaining their loneliness. Then, where did the loneliness exactly come from? Bob was lonely because of his family that seemingly doesn’t have any more role for him. Charlotte was also lonely, getting tired of the marriage, because of her husband who keeps saying I love you, but doesn’t show much affection. And at the moment, in the place, there was no other person to empathize their feeling, but each other. I guess if there was a magical ingredient accelerating relationships, it would be sympathy and empathy.

However, as it was mentioned above, the source of loneliness varies slightly. Charlotte was beleaguered by what to be. She was young, and just married a guy who is promising on his business, but she was nothing yet. She studied philosophy, which is often said as useless thing when it come to making money. She was looking for things to do, but nothing was certain. Meanwhile, Bob was a world famous movie star, although his career was going downhill. He had achieved a lot of things in his career and family until his midlife. Because of that, ironically he was at a loss of what to do more. Both were in a chaotic moment of life, but the reason was different.

In fact, both were asking the meaning of life, looking back their life. And this is when we face the solitude moment, which is often found out when we are lonely. This movie is not about a formulaic love story. It’s about the meaning of life, giving us another solitude moment.

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