Today, I got a sentence from a book.
The sentence was like this.
“How dare can you see me? You don’t even believe my existence.” a god of the forest said.
As you know, a lot of people don’t believe in god.
The common reason is that they can’t see him.
Basically, they just don’t believe in god.
They don’t believe everything they can’t see.
But I believe.

Certainly, there is something we can’t see.
Most of the time, I really believe in science.
But I know, there is something that I can’t explain with science.
It’s a surely arrogant attempt to explain everything with science.
Of course, I don’t want to make them believe in an invisible thing.
Everyone can believe whatever they want.
Moreover, who knows which one is right?
But when I believe it, I can see how beautiful the world is.
And I know it makes the world better.

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