In Defense of Lying

Every single person in the world lives in lies. Even though we have learned that lying is basically bad, we can’t live without it. We might need to reconsider the idea that lying is bad. Like every other thing in the world, lies also have a bright side and dark side. We need to look over the bright side, which is often underestimated. Lying can be categorized by who you lie to: others or yourself, both of which apply to your life very differently.

Living in the world with people is basically communication. You don’t live alone. If so, there would be no reason to tell others something untrue. Through the communication, people see themselves. They see who they are, what they look like, and what they do right or wrong. All of these come from communication with you. In fact, what you tell them is what they think they are. That means making them feel happy or miserable is on your hands. Even though you tell them something far from the truth, it is okay if it makes them feel better unless the lie brings irreparable aftermath, or it is too clear that you are lying. This is called a white lie. This type of lying is very crucial in your social life. If you said something only true, your life would be quite challenging. You have to deal with all the troubles from telling the truth. You would jeopardize the relationship with your girlfriend by telling the truth for her question why you love her. Lies make life simple and help you focus on your important jobs rather than being hassled by random questions.

Meanwhile, mind control could be considered as the other form of lying that lies to yourself. Not many people would argue with I said lying is saying something which is not true, or omitting some important information deliberately. Mind control is crucial to bring yourself to where you want to go, especially when it seems not to be feasible. People say we limit ourselves by saying that “I can’t do it” when we face something overwhelming us. Is that really something that we can’t do? It could be or couldn’t be. We just don’t know where our limit is, but there is a limit that we think it is. Therefore, we need lies to ourselves to break the limit we set. Basically mind control is telling ourselves something that we wish to be. However, I don’t want it to be misled as if it is okay to deceive yourself to avoid uneasy condition or to make a rationalization.

As you can see, lying to others helps your life go smoothly and lying to yourself helps you realize your dream. Besides that, there are many chances that lying is better than telling the truth in this world. Appropriate use of lying is conducive to better life by deluding yourself and getting rid of all the hassles plaguing your life.

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