Learning English in San Francisco

San Francisco is an attractive city for many English learners. It has huge population and diversity of people from many different countries, so people in this city tend to be more tolerant of English learners from other countries. Then, how can we take this advantage better as an English learner who just arrived in this city? Here are a few pieces of advice which may be helpful for those who want to adjust in the city and learn English faster. They includes going to church, having relationships, going to social clubs.

The first, advice going to church, is based on the fact that over half of Americans go to church. So it’s quite easy to find one or more churches nearby your home, especially in big cities like San Francisco. And most importantly, church is not just about religion. It’s a kind of a community. And it is sometimes a very big community depending on the church. In addition, their generous attitude help you more to adjust to the city and be a part of them. Basically, there may be already many students in the church learning English. As you become friends with them, you will be able to easily settle in here. And also, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a church. Most religions have community. If you have any other religion, then you may consider your religion.

The next advice is having relationships. I believe this is especially powerful if you are a man.
As a man, it seems like there is no better motivation than getting a girl. The hurdle of communication in English could give you stronger motivation toward learning English unless you are interested in a person speaking same language. San Francisco has a lot of young people as much of its population. And every weekend, there are many chances to meet boys and girls if you pay attention. Unfortunately, this advice may be applicable only when you are single.

The last one is going to social club. This is more useful because San Francisco has a big population. You can find countless social clubs if you are looking for it. Sharing your interests with others is one of the easiest way to get closer to people in this unfamiliar land. if you have no idea how to find the clubs, “meetup.com” is the best way you can find to those social clubs. Each social club on the website has its own subject that the members want to share. Especially language exchange clubs are perfectly suited for the English learners. You don’t need to necessarily have a special hobby or interest. Most people in these clubs want to meet new people and learn different languages, but mostly it is English. So it would be a good chance to practice your English outside of your school.

Besides that, you can find many other chances to improve your English and adjustment in the new city. Having a lot of people in the city often cause many problems like high crime rates and costs, but also you can take its advantage. Do not stay in your room wasting your time. Go out and meet people. That is better way to use your money efficiently that you are pay every single moment.

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