Attitude toward money

In modern society, money rules almost everything. So many people use their entire lifetime to stack it up. And it often creates enormous problems. It is certain that money is an important part of our life, but it doesn’t mean everyone gives it the same value. In this essay, we are going to take a look of how people have their attitudes toward money. The attitudes can mainly be categorized into three types: being a slave to money, putting no meaning on it and taking it as a tool.

First, the attitude being a slave to money is a typical reason that money is considered evil. These type of people often obsessively follow money. In every decision, money is a significant factor. But I’m not saying this is the worst way of thinking about money. As much as their attention is on money, they know how to make and manage it. In some ways, I can tell that they understand money the most among the three types. And this way of thinking is more likely to make big money. The problem is that they often misunderstand happiness. They believe money will bring them happiness, but there isn’t much correlation between money and happiness. It often ends up making them frustrated in some point of their life. And this is why some people are against money.

The second type of people, who put no meaning on money, can be found from who follows dream passionately. These people believe money is naturally followed by their passion. Unsurprisingly, they tend to give more value for spiritual things rather than physical things. Although many successful people are this kind of type, it doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, many artists are more likely to be this type, but only few of them make outstanding results. Nevertheless, they often feel happy in their life. Because they don’t live for money, which is just a compensation for their hard work.

Finally, the others take a stance midway between the two above. They also chase money, but they do know where to stop or they are just not as patient as the first type. Money is just a tool for their convenience. According to their needs, they are willing to pay their time to get a proper amount of money. These people focus the other factors in life such as family, hobbies, and so on. This way of thinking is generally good enough, but it often leads them to waste their time to get money, which happens when people don’t know the thing to do in their life.

As you can see, I categorized the attitude toward money by how much people obsess over money. The last type is seemingly better than the others. But none of these is absolutely right or wrong. Just remember this fact that whatever you do for making money, if there is no passion for it, then you’re likely to be selling your time to make money. But if you give meaning to your work, then it turns out to be more valuable.

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