A poet said, “Youth is not a time, it is a state of mind.”
When we look back around us, it’s easy to hear that people say “I’m not young” or “you’re not young anymore”, although they are just around in their 30s.
Yeah, I know, it was said in jest.
But it seems to make this real thinking that I’m old.
And that mentality makes us easy to forgive and avoid challenges.

Basically, I’m feeling younger now than before last year.
Because I’m trying to do a lot of new things, I’ve never done before.
I believe that makes me younger even though I’ve never have in mind to be younger.
When I make up my mind to be a person ready to take on a challenge, to be a person who has a dream, everything started to change.

I hope to be always a person who has a dream even if I’m too aged, even if my dreams are in the stratosphere.
Only a person who has a dream and courage in mind is a young person.
It’s the word that I’ve kept in mind.

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