Programming 이슈. 1월 2주


개발자에게 추상화와 기반지식의 의미에 대한 문답. (좋은 내용이 많음.)

The complexity of hardware systems has caused a massive divorce between the programmer and the computer engineer. This in turn means that unlike programmers of past generations, I have virtually no clue about the underlying principles that make my computer work.

난 그래서 아두이노가 필요해.


I do think it is too easy these days to make complex systems without a clear understanding of the cost of doing so. As a result, we have, as a society, built up a huge amount of technical debt that bites us from time to time. It’s like earthquakes (just the cost of living near a geological fault, right?), only it’s gradually getting worse.



크롬 익스텐션을 만들어보자



I also think the reason newer teens are not joining FB is because their parents are already on there and now do not allow them to join because they know what FB is. When it was new many parents did not know the site their kids were joining, now most parents use Facebook and know there is the potential for harassment of their children so they do not let them sign up.

10대들이 페북을 떠나는 이유는 부모가 거기에 있어서라는게 설득력 있네.

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