Weekly Readings – 2014. Dec. 1th.

1. 8 Great Writing Hacks Every Creative Writer and Blogger Should Know

2. Being Single: What It’s About And Why It May Be The Best Way To Live Your Life

Read that great book you’ve never gotten round to. Revisit the classics and broaden your horizons with new genres of literature. Travel far and wide and soak up new experiences. Absorb the smells, sights, sounds, and exotic cuisines of foreign lands.

3. 18 Things To Tell Yourself When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

4. How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

We choose a program right out of high school because the proper thing to do is to go straight to University. We choose a job right out of University, even if we didn’t love our program, because we just invested time into it.

Trust me when I say that a love bred out of convenience, a love that blossoms from the need to sleep beside someone, a love that caters to our need for attention rather than passion, is a love that will not inspire you at 6am when you roll over and embrace it. Strive to discover foundational love, the kind of relationship that motivates you to be a better man or woman, the kind of intimacy that is rare rather than right there.

We have to strive to do extraordinary work, we have to strive to find extraordinary love. Only then will we tap into an extraordinarily blissful life.

Weekly Readings – 2014. Nov. 4th.

한 주간 읽었던 영감을 주는 글들을 모아보기로 한다.

1. How to turn small talk into smart conversation.

2. I waited until my wedding night to lose my virginity and I wish I hadn’t

“I’m now thoroughly convinced that the entire concept of virginity is used to control female sexuality. ”

과연 혼전 순결의 의미는 무엇일까?
분명한건 그것이 자기 선택이어야지 타인의 강요여서는 안된다는 거다.

3. JTBC 제이슨 므라즈 인터뷰

제이슨 므라즈의 뮤지션으로서의 철학을 볼 수 있는 의미있는 인터뷰

4. 인생의 갈림길에서 좋은 선택을 하는 다섯가지 방법.

5. 선택의 역설

위의 글과 관련된 TED영상

“Everybody needs a fishbowl”
과대한 선택의 자유는 오히려 우리를 불행하게 한다.
우리는 삶에서 선택의 범위를 의식적으로 한정해야 할 필요가 있다.
마크 주커버그(혹은 스티브 잡스도)가 의식적으로 똑같은 옷을 매일 입듯이.

The more options you have, the less satisfaction you get.