Why you should never use MongoDB

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제목이 다소 과장되어 있긴 하지만.

1. 몽고디비에 저장되는 도큐먼트간에 링크가 있다면 몽고디비는 좋은 솔루션이 아니다.
2. 몽고디비는 디비라기보다는 캐시다.

When the MongoDB folks say “documents,” in many ways, they mean things you can print out on a piece of paper and hold. A document may have internal structure — headings and subheadings and paragraphs and footers — but it doesn’t link to other documents. It’s a self-contained piece of semi-structured data.
If your data looks like that, you’ve got documents. Congratulations! It’s a good use case for Mongo. But if there’s value in the links between documents, then you don’t actually have documents. MongoDB is not the right solution for you. It’s certainly not the right solution for social data, where links between documents are actually the most critical data in the system.


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